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Issues with Google Calendar sync… [Updated: works!]

Update: the next day Google’s sync engine started working well and we’ve been monitoring the situation over the weekend. It should work now correctly. Sorry for these problems and enjoy your Nozbe and Google Calendar connection!

Today we’ve had some problems syncing your tasks from Google Calendar to Nozbe. After investigation it seems the problem is on Google’s side. We’ll let you know as soon as it starts working correctly again.

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Submitting our #ios8 app to the #AppStore - preparing app preview video. Can’t wait to have it shipped. Our team has done an amazing job!

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All of our web apps working correctly, sorry for the problems!

Everything online. Today in the morning we had some issues with our new web app and our mobile web app but now both of the web apps work correctly.

We deploy our web app on Amazon AWS infrastructure and there were some hiccups with our instances there. Luckily, we managed to solve the issue and get the web apps back up on different servers. We’ll be investigating the problems behind it and checking what we could have done differently to prevent this.

Important: Our main server infrastructure, sync server and classic web app and all of our native apps worked well and keep on working perfectly.

Thank you and have a productive rest of the Friday and have a great weekend.

We’re truly sorry for the problems this morning!

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Our web app’s server is not responding at the moment…

For some strange reason our Nozbe web app is not responding correctly.

Everything else works. Our sync server works perfectly.

The classic web app works well as well as all of our native apps and they sync with our main sync server correctly.

We’re currently investigating this issue and setting up a backup web app server. In a few minutes the web app should be online again.

We’re so sorry this happened today! We’re working also on a way to mitigate this from happening. Thank you!

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Main server infrastructure works great and fast now

We’ve managed to seamlessly move to a much more powerful infrastructure today, with additional quadruple backups (we’ll explain later :-) to make sure your data is safer than ever before now. We’re still tweaking our configurations but you should feel the sync speeds and our web app speeds improve today by a lot. And we have lots of room to grow for the future!

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Main sync server upgraded. Fast, right?

We already upgraded our main sync server. Had some issues with Evernote notes not showing up for some users but it should be resolved now (and if not for you, wait a few minutes and your Evernote notes should show up). The classic web app and the new web app are both using the newest infrastructure now and should be a lot faster now. We had a small slowdown at some point but please let us know if it works for you now. We’re really happy about our new infrastructure!

On to moving some other things still there…

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Scheduled maintenance work at Nozbe next 1-2 hours

We’re upgrading our infrastructure today, which may cause occasional slowdown in sync speeds and access to our Web app for the next 1-2 hours. Most users should not be affected by these works as we’re trying to make it as seamless as possible.

After this work we’ll have migrated to a super-fast infrastructure and you should only experience the goodies - an even faster sync speed than ever. We’re upgrading our infrastructure to make sure we’re ready for our upcoming Nozbe 2.0 release :-)